Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence

The Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Program was established in 2019 to build a Whole of Community approach to targeted violence prevention in the state. CO-PTV is a multi-disciplinary statewide prevention framework that equips communities with the tools to prevent targeted violence through establishing trusted relationships, awareness building, and assisting in the development and training of community-led prevention and intervention programs. 

CO-PTV offers training, events, and continued support for Colorado professionals and community members to strengthen the ability to identify, prevent, intervene, and seek support before a targeted act of violence occurs. Read more about our work below.


To build safe and healthy communities in Colorado through trust building, increased awareness, intervention services, resources, and support to communities to stop acts of targeted violence.


A safe and healthy Colorado where citizens make safe, non-violent choices.


   Inclusiveness: Welcoming and valuing all voices, perspectives, and people who seek to move targeted violence prevention work forward.

  Awareness: Cultivating and exchanging knowledge of challenges and approaches to preventing targeted violence.

  Responsiveness: Continuously examining and improving our approach based on community feedback, trends, and lessons learned.

  Transparency: Working to establish trust by providing our partners and communities with the ability to understand, question, and challenge our work.

 Commitment: Maintaining unwavering dedication to this work, the needs of the community, and our values.

Training Descriptions

CO-PTV Theory of Change

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