Infrastructure Protection

The Infrastructure Protection (IP) Team provides leadership and support to Colorado communities through working with private industry, state, local, tribal, territorial and federal partners to protect structures as well as systems and assets that are vital to Colorado’s infrastructure (e.g. Government facilities, Energy, Food and Agriculture, and thirteen other sectors defined by the US Department of Homeland Security).

The Infrastructure Protection (IP) Team is part of the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), focused on fostering information sharing around critical infrastructure threats and best practices. Our core services include the following:
  • Incident Response Support – If you think you have had an incident, our team can work with you to walk through the steps to contain the threat and support investigation around the incident. We can also work with your team to help build out an incident response plan, and practice it, so your organization is prepared to respond in case there is an incident.
  • Facility Assessments – Our team conducts free facility assessments that focus on identifying how your organization appears publicly and what vulnerabilities may exist on that public-facing front. This assessment can also include a review of steps to reduce your organization’s vulnerability. 
  • Tabletop Exercise support – If you are interested in hosting a table top exercise to assess various aspects of your critical infrastructure security, our team is happy to support setting it up and running through it with you.
  • Information sharing – We help facilitate ongoing information and best practice sharing across all critical sectors. Join one of our Working Groups listed above to begin sharing information with other critical infrastructure partners.
  • Analysis – We analyze previous critical infrastructure incidents and threats to identify trends and ways to better support critical infrastructure partners in protecting their assets.