Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence Program

The Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Program is a multidisciplinary whole-of-state public health-informed approach to preventing all forms of targeted violence within the state. By building trusted partnerships, awareness, and providing support for local prevention efforts, the CO-PTV Program is working to equip communities with the sustainable resources and tools needed to prevent targeted violence.

What is Targeted Violence? 

Premeditated violence directed at specific individuals, groups, or locations. Targets are selected to achieve specific motives, such as the resolution of a grievance or to make a political or ideological statement. Individuals who are planning to engage in targeted violence often display threatening or concerning behaviors observable by others, and if identified and addressed early, can reduce the likelihood of a violent incident. 

Targeted violence is NOT impulsive, random, or spontaneous.

Mission & Values

To build safe and healthy communities in Colorado equipped and empowered to prevent targeted violence.

Inclusiveness. Welcoming and valuing all voices, perspectives, and people who seek to move targeted violence prevention work forward.

Awareness. Cultivating and exchanging knowledge of challenges and approaches to preventing targeted violence.

Responsiveness. Continuously examining and improving our approach based on community feedback, trends, and lessons learned.

Transparency. Working to establish trust by providing our partners and communities with the ability to understand, question, and challenge our work.

Commitment. Maintaining unwavering dedication to this work, the needs of the community, and our values.

Primary Goals
  1. Expand the capacity of Colorado to understand and address targeted violence;
  2. Design a statewide collaborative ecosystem that adequately addresses targeted violence in equity-informed and culturally responsive ways; and 
  3. Invest in sustainability to increase safety in Colorado long term.


Training & Events. The CO-PTV Program provides several FREE prevention and awareness trainings and events for professionals and community members tailored to the needs of the audience. Request training here.

Resource Hub. The CO-PTV Program provides a publicly accessible resource hub with publications that provide information and additional resources about key topics in targeted violence prevention. Access the Resource Hub here.

Additional Resources for Prevention Professionals. The CO-PTV Program provides a variety of additional resources for prevention and intervention professionals in Colorado, including: additional training and events, networking opportunities, technical support for local programs and complex cases, and much more. Information regarding how to access these additional resources will be available soon!

All questions regarding the CO-PTV Program can be directed to