Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence Program

The Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Program is a multidisciplinary public health approach to targeted violence prevention in the state that works to equip communities with the tools to prevent targeted violence through awareness and education, building trusted partnerships, and providing continued support to assist in local prevention efforts. Read more about our work below.

Mission  The mission of the Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Team is to build safe and healthy communities in Colorado through trust building, increased awareness, intervention services, resources, and support to communities to stop acts of targeted violence.


  Inclusiveness: Welcoming and valuing all voices, perspectives, and people who seek to move targeted violence prevention work forward.

 Awareness: Cultivating and exchanging knowledge of challenges and approaches to preventing targeted violence.

 Responsiveness: Continuously examining and improving our approach based on community feedback, trends, and lessons learned.

 Transparency: Working to establish trust by providing our partners and communities with the ability to understand, question, and challenge our work.

Commitment: Maintaining unwavering dedication to this work, the needs of the community, and our values.

Services & Initiatives

Team of Teams

Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC): The CO-PTV Program is housed within the CIAC. Through pre-established information sharing networks and 24/7 support, the CIAC provides governance for the CO-PTV Program to ensure local partners have the necessary information, resources, and guidance to conduct their prevention work.

CO-PTV Team: The CO-PTV Team is the administrative arm of the CO-PTV Program. This multidisciplinary team identifies unique approaches and promising practices to prevent targeted violence and implements new initiatives statewide. The CO-PTV Team liaises across sectors and provides standardized training and events to connect and educate prevention partners and community members across Colorado.

Threat Management Teams (TMTs): TMTs at both the regional and local levels, are operational teams that  implement multidisciplinary approaches to prevent targeted violence at the local level.

  • Regional Threat Management Teams (R-TMTs): R-TMTs liaise with local threat management teams and assist in facilitating regional outreach, training, events, and regional resource sharing between L-TMTs. These regional teams may also assist with local behavioral threat assessments upon the request of L-TMTs when resources are limited.

  • Local Threat Management Teams (L-TMTs): L-TMTs conduct behavioral threat assessments at the local level. The CO-PTV Program supports these L-TMTs by providing training, resources, networking opportunities, and continued support to ensure they are able to conduct their prevention work with limited barriers. The CO-PTV Program also assists in the development of new L-TMTs to fill prevention gaps across the state.

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