What is Colorado Doing to Prevent Targeted Violence?

The Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Program establishes a statewide system for preventing targeted violence, in which communities have an understanding of what targeted violence is and feel equipped to provide a community-driven intervention with support from state and local resources.  CO-PTV provides consultation, technical assistance, and expert knowledge to those working in prevention and intervention, to build a community system through beginner (101) and advanced (201) level training, as well as, one-on-one consultations and ongoing support.

If you are working in a field related to the prevention, intervention, and/or response to targeted violence and would like to request a CO-PTV training, please utilize the Request PTV Training button on the right.

If you are a community member and are interested in learning more about targeted violence and your role in prevention and intervention, please utilize the Request CAB Training button on the right.


To build healthy communities in Colorado by reducing targeted violence through the integration of existing training, partnerships, and intervention programs. 


Educated and empowered communities in Colorado equipped through the CO-PTV Model to prevent targeted violence.


Transparency, Knowledgeable, Approachable, Vulnerable, Present, Active Listening, Community/Culture Awareness, Responsive Follow-Through, and alignment with Wraparound principles. 

All questions regarding the CO-PTV Program can be sent to cdps_ptv@state.co.us