The CO-PTV Program provides several FREE prevention trainings and presentations for professionals and community members. Please complete this form to request training and a member of the CO-PTV Team will contact you soon.


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Basic Threat Evaluation and Reporting Course (B-TERC): 1 day training open to professionals who may have a unique role in targeted violence prevention but do not conduct behavioral threat assessments as part of their job duties (e.g. service providers, case managers, human services, hospital/healthcare workers, district attorney's offices, human resources, etc.). Raises awareness of targeted violence, outlines the behavioral threat assessment model, and builds capacity to identify the signs and indicators of targeted violence.

Threat Evaluation and Reporting Overview (TERO): 2-3 hour training open to professionals and community groups who would benefit from a better understanding of targeted violence prevention but do not have an active role in conducting behavioral threat assessments (e.g. city councils, agency/organization leaders, community organizations, affinity groups, nonprofits, associations, grant writers, etc.). Increases awareness of behavioral threat assessment and its efficiency in reducing targeted violence.

Topic-specific Training: Open to professionals and community organizations. Provides a more in depth understanding of a specific prevention topic(s) and is tailored to the requesting agency/organization. Please specify the topic(s) of interest in the Additional Information section below (e.g. terrorism, early indicators/warning signs of radicalization to violence, bias-motivated crimes, community/culture/religion specific, detecting deception, laws/regulations, implementing a prevention program, etc.).

CO-PTV Program Overview: 1-2 hour presentation open to professionals and community organizations. Provides an overview of the Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence Program and how the program utilizes a multidisciplinary team to identify and implement promising prevention practices statewide. This presentation also reviews a local case study to discuss the benefits of leveraging a collaborative public health approach to prevent targeted violence.


Please provide any other details that may be relevant to your request.  A member from our team will contact you to discuss further.


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