Infrastructure Protection

The Infrastructure Protection (IP) section provides leadership and support to Colorado communities through working with private industry, state, local, tribal, territorial and federal partners to protect structures as well as systems and assets that are vital to Colorado’s infrastructure (e.g. Government facilities, Energy, Food and Agriculture, and thirteen other sectors defined by the US Department of Homeland Security).

The section manages the state’s involvement in multiple critical infrastructure related federal programs and works to integrate provisions of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) into Colorado’s State Homeland Security. The section spearheads innovative ways to encourage owners and operators of critical infrastructure to share information and partner with the state to protect our vital infrastructure.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

As Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) continue to evolve, the threat they present to critical infrastructure is expected to increase. Affordability, accessibility, technological advancements, and ease of use, make UAS an attractive method for individuals and/or groups to carry out nefarious activities. UAS has been widely used to carry out attacks against people and infrastructure outside the United States, foreshadowing the potential for UAS attacks on U.S. soil in the near future. To maintain a proactive posture, the Colorado Information Analysis Center’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Team has created this page to promote awareness and provide resources to partners regarding this emerging threat. 

If you are interested in attending regular meetings, receiving UAS updates and information, and hearing briefings from UAS experts, please join the UAS Working Group (coming soon).